Welcome to Timber Floor Melbourne

Woodpecker Floor - Timber Floor Melbourne is a traditional and at the same time contemporary family business that has been in timber flooring industry for more than 15 years. During this time we have installed, sanded and finished thousands of sqm of parquetry and strip flooring.

Woodpecker Floor - Timber Floor Melbourne also does different types of repairs of damaged timber floors: starting from dents to water damages.

Woodpecker Floor - Timber Floor Melbourne only works with a solid timber. We believe in the beauty and proven value of natural solid timber floorboard that can last forever.

At Woodpecker Floor - Timber Floor Melbourne, you will be dealing with professional tradesmen. We do not use any sub-contracts company to do your floorboards. Our workmanship is highly recognized and respected among our customers and other timber flooring professionals.

Why choose Woodpecker Floor - Timber Floor Melbourne?

  • We are complete service professionals: starting from preparing the sub-floor to finishing the floorboard.
  • We respect your time and you can rely on us that your floor will be finished the way we agreed.
  • We have the knowledge to answer all your questions about your new floorboards.
  • We have the skills to install your new floorboard so that you will not be able to compare its quality with any other timber flooring company or to re-finish your existing floorboard so it would look like new.
  • We are the only timber flooring company in Victoria that uses the WerkMaster sanding machine. It makes the surface of your floorboard 100% flat: no chatter marks, no waves.
  • The timber we use is all Australian. For our customers it means - no unexpected surprises after your new timber floor is installed. All the timber, it is used to its climate and with proper maintenance it can last forever.
  • You cannot compare the quality of our work to any other timber flooring company. You are welcome to come and see the quality of our floorboards at our Alphington Showroom.